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Pictures and RDO-File-Examples for welding of Rail-Defect, Rail-End,
stainless Zick-Zack-Line and Multi-Layer-Surfacing of big plate

View or download smartRobot-Examples.pdf (1.2 MB)

Information und Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache

smartRobot-Oberbau-Schweisstechnik.pdf (1.1 MB)

Download smartRobot.apk (1.5 MB)

-500-B / -200-B

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new Brand

First wireless radio-controlled, universal welding robot with up to 4 axes

-use your preferred android mobile phone or tablet as remote pendant
-stay cool and safety and protect your health

-special welding patterns for any shape of seam with X, Z or X&Z oscillation
-3D linear movement for corner welds or hard facing at any form of surface
-special welding sequences for working with self shielded wires (FCAW)
-multi-layers, multi-areas and 4-axes joint welding with rotary support
-prepared for Auto-Teach-In and touch-less laser-line measurement







With drive unit RD500-B.

Internal Battery for 8 hours independent

wireless work, battery-charger plug and

Torch ON/OFF contacts.








Internal TFT-Touch-Display


for General Functions & Information

- Wire Feed-In, Start/Stop Weld

- Manual Positioning & Adjustment

- Drive to selected- or Zero-Point

- Load/Save parameter from/to SD-Card

- Power, Wire, Connection, Error -Info





View & Adjustment of Parameters

- Integrated SD-Card Explorer

- Integrated Help-System to view

  Speeds, Times, Distances in

  mm/min, Seconds, mm

- Support for Chip-Cards

- Support for Arc-Control

- Full Functionality




Technical Data


Power Supply: Internal LIPO Battery, 12 VDC/15Ah for approximately 8 hours of independent work.

Battery Charger : 12 VDC/1A , view smartRobot-LIPO-Battery-Information.pdf

Option : External prim. 100-240 VAC, sec. 12 VDC/ 72W, Or : External prim. 42 VAC, sec. 12 VDC/ 72W 

Motors XYZ : DC-Motors, 12V/36W, 0 - 2200 mm/min, optional rotary support R: 60 RPM

Motor Controls XYZR : Linear regulated, with computer controlled fuse and speed adjustment.

Mechanical Parts : Ball- and Linear-Bearings, 12 mm hardened steel rails, warm gears and helical racks.

Turn able torch holder, mounting knob for drive unit.

Mounting directly at work piece with clamps, magnets or screw able with screws M6.

Computer : 32-Bit ARM micro controller, multiple interfaces, USB, Serial, I²C, CAN …

100% Quality-Management-System, future Operating System Update by USB-Connection.

TFT Touch-Display : 2.4 inch bright display, 320*240 pixel resistive touch-screen, integrated SD-Card.

Remote Pendant : Quad-Core 64-Bit phone, 5.1 inch HD bright display, spatter protection foil, rubber cover.

Connections : Contact for switching the power source, wireless and USB interface to PC

Amplitude : 0 - 120 mm; Oscillation Frequency at 0.1 mm amplitude : 25 Hz max.

Movement : Weaver X: 400 mm, Up/Down Z: 200 mm, Drive Y: 1300 mm, Rotary R: endless

Encoder Resolution : 0.1 mm, Rotary R: 0.1 °

Dimension Unit (without rails) : 350 mm * 180 mm * 230 mm

Weight Welding Unit : Approximately 14 Kg














First Use

1. Installation of smartRobot.apk Remote-Application on any Android Device

- Download Zip-Folder (12.4 MB)

and unzip.

The result should be a folder named smartRobot, including the file smartRobot.apk,
folder Info, folder Workspace

- Transfer the complete folder smartRobot via USB to your device to folder: /storage/sdcard0/.

- Make sure that installation from unknown sources is allowed (Security, Unknown sources).

- With your File-Manager, select and click smartRobot.apk, follow instructions and wait for installation.

- You will find the application button together with your other app-buttons, - select to start App.

Main Menu
Active Connection
Time, Battery Charge, Serial Number
Switch Display Mode
Parameter View or Graphic View
Small embedded Graphic View
Switch Keyboard Mode
Move unit or Input parameters
STOP and 2nd Key-Functions
Double-click to switch ON 2nd function
for single touch handling

If your device has a menu button […], double-click to switch Keyboard size.

2. Pairing of Android Phone/Tablet and smartRobot-200/500 Welding Device.

- Switch ON both ON/OFF switches at welding unit, –the blue LED will blink.

- Use internal Bluetooth-Software for pairing,
or select menu-button  to open menu connect.

Select [Scan for devices] [smartRobotXXXX]

...use XXXX as PIN

(Pairing PIN XXXX = Serial Number)


If connection is completed, internal clock is running and serial number is indicated.

Main Application Menu

Most of the functions are self-explaining, keyboard and display will show possible modes and actions.
Main functions are collected in the Main Menu at top of Application.

…simply touch to activate

File Explorer with all functions to create, copy, paste… files and folders

Open Main Explorer Menu

Back to Main Application Display

Open and show storage directory

Open Transfer Data Menu or create QM-Document

Open Camera Menu for documentation by photo or video

Camera Adjustment

Explore folder Camera, view or send picture…

Back to Main Application Display

Wireless connect to, or disconnect from, smartRobot welding unit.

Additional Menu, load default parameters, copy, Self-Test, About, Exit…

Standard Welding Functions

Welding Patterns

Patterns can be adjusted in Input-Mode  by key  

For V-shape and corner seams

Flexible patterns with or without dwell times  


High frequency movement with different dwell times


Special Weaver pattern
for strongest seams.

For standard surfacing  

Left or right side welding, along the input line, with computer controlled adjustment.
Multiple Area welding with different parameters. For every area, a different program can be used.
For repeated works, all Teach-In-Points are memorized with separate programs (P 0-20).

For deep Wear Out  


W  i  t  h    c h a n g i n g   w e a v e r   d i s t a n c e s   f r o m  layer to layer.

For Hard Facing with fast oscillating layers


With different dwell times for best overlapping and vibration for fixing layers.
Multiple Areas can be filled automatically. To get a cold work piece, for every area,
a special Count Down Timer is used (0-10 Minutes).


Welding Methods

Special welding patterns are available for all seam forms and applications. All parameters are saved in up to 20 separate programs and the adaptation of different circumstances is made easier. Recurring works simply occur with quite tested, optimum settings.

... at Steel- / Ship- Construction

V-shape Seam with Pattern 3  or 5

All welding parameters can be adjusted in steps by 1 %. The weaver amplitude should be as much as needed to reach both edges at least with half thickness of wire.





At V-shape seam with space, the torch should be mounted vertical or slightly backwards.

Corner with Pattern 4 or 3

The torch should be mounted 45° angular and the corner shape will be worked out by synchronous movement of X and Z axes.




Surfacing with Pattern 1  or 2

The surfacing is comparable like with the welding methods at railway welds. To get a better connection and overlap to the previous welded layer, the drive speed at one side can be reduced.

The smartRobot welding unit works at up to 99 layers automatically.

Multi-Layer-Surfacing can be selected with mode Multi and L01 up to L99 layers

Surfacing, Cladding with synchronous movement of X and Z axes

3D-Cladding mode can be selected with key and


Any surface, angle or diameter can be adjusted

... at Railway

For standard surfacing ...for CMS hard facing ...with multiple areas







Welding Procedure Specification

Hard Facing of Cast Manganese Rails with Lastifil LF 8071G
View or download WPS_LF_8071G.pdf (189 KB)



... Joint welding (Option)
with Rotary-Support and
4 axes movement

30 predefined rail types, easily select, expand or change.

Automatic welding sequences





Standard Surfacing

…Joint welding can be selected with key


…automatic Multi Area CMS Hard-facing with mode Area  and Multi

Pictures and RDO-File-Examples for welding of Rail-Defect, Rail-End,
stainless Zick-Zack-Line and Multi-Layer-Surfacing of big plate

View or download smartRobot-Examples.pdf (1.2 MB)

Information und Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache

smartRobot-Oberbau-Schweisstechnik.pdf (1.1 MB)


... for Cutting with Gas-Burner

For cutting of any form of shape, up to
1200 Teach-In-Points can be used. Movement and positioning will be automatically calculated and interpolated between points.

Input of points can be done manually or external computed and transferred by USB or wireless.









3D-Cutter mode can be selected with key

Quality Management

Especially in the range of the welding technology, the quality assurance and quality preservation is a responsible task. Therefore, the quality management doesn't end already after delivery of the machines, but accompanies the whole period of use. Because of highest technical standards and the logical use of all possibilities, the expenditure remains low.

For the optimum integration in quality management systems, certain circumstances have to be fulfilled. Important points are the ability for reproduction of the processes, the data interchange with documentation and the cost-use-factor of the quality management. Because of the problems (provable, objectivity) of the different management models, special software for computer-aided quality assurance is used.

Mainly integrated functions are the unit’s Self-Test, Encoder-Test and Camera functionality.


A predefined surface with predefined movement parameters, will be processed for 20 times and the required time for every run is documented and saved. The maximum deviation should be only 1 second, if it's more than 2 seconds, Self-Test will be cancelled unsuccessfully.

This documentation picture will be created and automatically saved to QM-folder.

Just how the training and continuing education of the welder,
this test should be done regularly.

Self-Test can be selected in main menu , Self Test

This page and other information as printable PDF,
is collected in ZIP-file, folder Info, Robotic-Welder.pdf. (12.4 MB)



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